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Innovating the Way We Do Dredge Construction

TDC Cranes was born out of the need for modernized machinery for the dredge contractor industry in America. With most dredge cranes available being mechanical, the average longevity remains at 50 years.

A Rising Issue

It was only recently that the options for new cranes have increased with a number of European-built hydraulic cranes. These look very enticing and are great to operate, but we quickly discovered the drawbacks of hydraulics and the shortcomings of the design standards.

Creating a Viable Solution

This is the gap that TDC Cranes wants to fill. We are the only American company offering an electric duty cycle crane built in the likes of the traditional machines of 20th century America.

Our cranes range in size from the Manitowoc 4600 and up, with the largest offshore grab crane we have built rated for 80 metric tons at a 40-meter radius continuous duty cycle.


Let Us Assist You

We are also happy to take on rebuilding your existing machine, giving and upgrading it with new draw works, controls, and other necessary changes to keep it going. Get in touch with our professionals to learn more about our products and services.