Duty Cycle Cranes for Bulk Handling

Providing Rebuild and Maintenance Products and Services

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Leveling Up the Machine Manufacturing Industry

TDC Cranes is a machine manufacturing business that specializes in the building of mine-duty diesel-electric and all-electric cranes. From dredge cranes, bulk handling cranes, and draglines, to ship loaders – you can rely on us for your crane machinery needs.

Our Cranes

Inspired by the true duty cycle machines built in America in the 20th century, we design our cranes using the best from the past with modern technology applied.

TDC Cranes are designed with service conditions in mind, resulting in higher design loads than our competition would consider. Service Factors generally exceed 2, whereas our competition designing to standard rules will have a Service Factor of 1.

We build our cranes and choose components for simplicity, extreme reliability, and repairability.

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What Sets Us Apart

TDC Cranes builds high Duty Factor AC diesel-electric cranes with big, heavy, slow-turning machinery that is almost indestructible.

Our cranes are powerful, fast, reliable, and easy to operate.

When you are operating 45 km off the coast of Africa in open ocean conditions, you will be thankful you chose TDC.


Useful Lifetime

In 30 years time, your TDC Cranes will be like new with a market value as high or higher than the initial cost of the crane.

Many of our machines cycle more than 900 times per day, 7 days per week; This means that with a Duty Factor of 1, your crane would be at the end of it's life within 3 years. TDC designs for millions of load cycles giving you a long, useful service life.

Work With Us

We are your partner in production providing technical back up training and parts to make the best of your operation.